why would human tooth, just pulled, be orange?

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    Probably because it was rotten, ask your dentist for the reason.       Says:  Orange Stained Teeth - Orange tooth stains typically occur near the gum line and are caused by the presence of chromogenic (photographic) bacteria or food buildup. Children are especially prone to orange tooth stains, usually as a result of improper or infrequent brushing.

    Be glad you don't have GREEN chromogenic bacteria:


    OK OK! I’ll make my dentist appointment tomorrow. That picture is just sooooooo awful. Barf!

    eeeewwwwwwww !

    'Chromogenic (color producing) plaque....quite common in clean mouths.

    Bacteria naturally grow in your mouth and they cover your teeth. They are actually probiotic, but when you eat sugar or any carbohydrate you are sharing your food with that bacteria, and they excrete acid as their waste, which then dissolves part of your tooth enamel eventually causing a cavity if they're not brushed away regularly.
    Well in your case, you have an unusual strain of bacteria that is showing up as orange. There have been some lab bacteria released into the wild and these have been genetically engineered to show up bright orange. If the federal government finds out that you have been infected, they might quarantine you. Your only hope is to go on a talk show and get help from the public before you disappear.

    In the mean time, you may be able to kill off the invasive bacteria by eating lots of basil and garlic. Both of these are natural antibiotics. Just chew on some basil all day for 4 to 6 weeks and try to expose yourself to normal bacteria by eating live culture yogurt.
    Eventually you will kill off this orange bacteria and replace it with the whitish yellowish plaque that everyone is used to.

    Also, brush with baking soda or a non-fluoride toothpaste. Do not use products which contain fluoride because they will harm you. Fluoride is a poison more toxic than lead.


    Thanks Professor! LOL!!!

    BASIL? I'll try that, Daren; love the smell. BTW, I don't have orange teeth.

    incredibly interesting.

    flouride toothpastes never helped me. I used them since I was a kid, and I got one cavity after another. My teeth are still like that.

    there is also a normal bacteria in your gut ----it's called floral and fauna. But, E-Coli is the abnormal, harmful one.

    Because "orange you glad it's out?"



    Clonge, good one !

    Could be nicotine, do you smoke? Something outside yourself is making the discoloration, I think....

    maybe it's like a crayfish= = ==  When they're sick or dead, they turn orange.

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