what is a conductor

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    director of orchestra or choir: somebody in charge of an orchestra or choir who marks time and signals musicians or singers when and how to play or sing
    somebody who collects fares: an employee who takes money for tickets on a bus or streetcar
    railroad employee in charge of passengers: a railroad employee who is in charge of a train and whose job is to check tickets, announce stops, and attend to passengers' needs and safety 


    In physics and electrical engineering, a conductor is an object or type of material which permits the flow of electric charges in one or more directions. For example, a wire is an electrical conductor that can carry electricity along its length.

    In metals such as copper or aluminum, the movable charged particles are electrons. Positive charges may also be mobile, such as the cationic electrolyte(s) of a battery, or the mobile protons of the proton conductor of a fuel cell. Insulators are non-conducting materials with few mobile charges and which support only insignificant electric currents.

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