what do you do when you love someone but your not old enough to date

    I love this guy we met in 2006 and it was love at first site. anyway we're 12

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    Love is like a river. Just because your feet got wet does not mean that you are ready for the diving board. Take it easy. Heart flutters…when you see or since something wonderful…enjoy the moment  and recognise the fact that you will feel that way many times during the course of your life for all kinds of people, places and things. Loving and living in the moment is a patient practice that gives you all the treasures life has to offer. I love gardening because I see the result of my efforts growing before me, healthy, beautiful and vigorous. Learning loves ways offers you everything, everywhere all the time so enjoy loving moments. It’s as natural as breathing.      

    So, seven years ago at the age of five, you fell in love? You need to be thinking of getting straight A's in school. Real love will last for years so once you graduate from university, you can start thinking about the love of your life again. It won't be your current "love"!


    it's puppy love

    You need to practice on a puppy. That should occupy your desire to love until you're of age.

    Life will bring many s'posed loves, most are not real, the real one doesn't show up until you're an adult, I hope you learn to recognize it when it comes along, There is no 'love at first sight'.  Love must be earned and it takes time.

    You liked someone, you were not in love. Enjoy being a child and stop trying to be a grown-up.

    He can walk you home from school. If your mom doesn't want any guests in the house when she's not home, sit on the porch with him. Maybe you can go out on group if   4 ---- 6 kids are going to the show. .........your mom will take you and him there, adn pick you up.

    i also 12 year old but what we do is Massage(SMS)





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