i got a parking fine from n.c.p but i payed the parking charge what do i do next

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    You send a copy of the receipt showing that you paid the parking charge.

    Or call the number that is on the ticket and explain to the person who answers and have number tell you what to do next. 

    Try to get it rectified. DO NOT IGNORE IT! This can be an administrative nightmare; you might not be able to renew your license and/or registration, otherwise. What is "NCP"?

    ignore their letters. The same thing happened to my family, but we ignored it and they've finally got the message and left it, even after multiple threats to take us to court. So, just ignore the ticket, after all, if it's on private land, then it's only a bill, not a fine, so you're not legally bound to pay it anyway! :) hope this helps


    Do you live in the USA? Are you legally old enough to drive? Did you know this is the worse advice ever to tell a USA driver? Never mess with the government. Pay the fine or explain why you can not or do not owe the fine, never just ignore a ticket. They will find you eventually, like years down the road when the $50 fine has blossomed to $1,500 fine due to late fees.

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