should we retire the overage peoples from then occpations

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    No. We should not allow anyone under 25 to work because they know so little and sometimes believe that they actually know everything. Because of that, they can be difficult to train and therefore become a total waste of an employer's time and money. See it from a different point of view now?


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    I can't really add much to this other than what had already been said-  But!  I think its arrogant and insensitive that you would even ask this question, even with the bad spelling and grammar. What would you identify as 'overage'?  I 'm pretty sure you will run into opposition.  I am probably old enough to be your grandfather and I am still ahead of my co-workers that are 20~30 years younger.  That is what you call 'experience' and experience only comes with age. You are not even close!

    Oh, my goodness, you don't know how to write a sentence or ask a question, do you? 
    A person should be retired from his/her job when (s)he is no longer able to perform it to pre-determined standards.  
    The concept of tenure for educators and "probation" periods for (usually) government employees can lock a person into a job and make it very difficult (if not impossible) to "retire" him/her.  
    AGE, my questionably literate questioner, often has little to do with it. 

    My dad was the CEO and general manager of a highly successful corporation until he chose to retire at age 80.  His wisdom was still sought long after he "cleaned out his desk".

    Only if they can no longer perform their duties required by their occupation or if their age causes them to make mistakes that can be harmful to themselves or others.

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