how to get taller faster


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    Mother nature knows best and it's all up to her.  Stretching exercises don't work nor change in diet. Learn to love yourself as you are.........


    If a person has a crummy diet, it can stunt their growth. In El Salvador, the babies and little kids were much smaller than a typical American kid. I was there a few years ago.And if a child has neglect and abuse, s/he will be smaller than s/he should be for that age.That happened to both my g.friend and her brother. They both grew after they left home.

    I remember growing up and growing pains, but it actually happens in spurts, you stay the same for what seems ages and someone usually comments on how tall you are getting... and you realise that you are getting taller.....slow but sure and remember you can grow until you are 21. So be careful what you wish for !!

    Wear higher  heels. .......or shoes with lifts in them. My mom used to say that by the time a girl is  in the 6th grade, she's about as tall as she's ever going to be. Boys shoot up tho' - - - -when they're about in the 9th grade. Some boys shoot up to 6 feet in the 7th grade.

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