how to make your hair grow faster

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    Keep your hair warm. Hair grows at around 1/2 inch each month during summer, but during a cold winter it only grows about 1/4 inch.

    Take care of your hair. Shampoo and moisturize frequently, and give your hair some room, don't keep it under a hat all the time.

    Make sure you are getting the right vitamins and minerals. A proper diet plays a big part in hair growth. As well, take a daily multivitamin to make up for any diet deficiencies.

    Get out in the sun. If the climate is willing, spend some time in the sun to enrich your body and promote hair growth.

    If you need really quick hair growth, consider buying special shampoo and conditioner.

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    Good answer Colleen! I was going to suggest soaking in salt water with a mermaid agenda! LOL:)

    Oh the mermaids again.....sigh

    My hair is flaxion and very fine,ill follow your instcutions,thanks,

    She is the mermaid gal!

    If you are after thick hair try eating plenty of Vegemite, it also retains natural hair colour. -- True Blue.:) Colleen what you suggested is right on, i have been doing that for most of my life and it works, plus Vegemite of course.

    all you need to do is just let your hair grow but keep the dead ends off yor your hair will grow even slower even though you cut your dead ends off

    Everything Colleen wrote but she failed to mention brushing your hair often and well. The old wive's tale of 100 strokes a night is true..........


    Ive tried that but i get tied,

    Then your hair won't grow quickly........

    I will ,settle for the guy that sung shall we dance,in the King and I,

    stand on your head. It makes blood/ oxygen  rush to your scalp, increasing growth.

    Use hot coconut oil to massage your scalp. this will stimulate blood and help to grow your hair faster. Olive oil is also known to boost the growth of hair.

    Get old.  Everything goes and grows faster the older you get.  
    Keeping your hair healthy and trimmed is important, too.  It may be a little shorter, but what you have will look nicer and thicker. 


    Your ears grow bigger. :-D

    And you get shorter.

    Not me...I just get better and better...or my eyes are getting worse and I can't see clearly now.

    Bob, wish I could say the same, I feel young, but am mortified at the old person in the mirror!

    I don't really know about how to make it grow but I can give suggestions on how to make it grey. :)


    raising kids ? hahaha.

    food grade diatomaceous earth


    (I just ran out of TUs, but I'll get back to you, zorro). In the meantime, what???

    eat dirt ? ! There was a woman on " My strange Addiction" that ate dirt .

    Yes , it has minerals that grows hair faster. It is really good for a lot of things also. Cholesterol dropped 100 points. Person cutting my hair noticed the difference. I also put around ant hills. Kills the ants. Look it up.

    W - O - W
    I will definitely be looking into this with my new doctor...I'm more interested in the cholesterol benefits than growing my hair longer, and I'm really interested in growing my hair longer. :D THANKS!

    I have tried everything and all I managed was to cost myself a fortune on so called miracle products from health/naturopath outlets, I believe nature takes it's own time, but to have healthy shiny hair you need a healthy and adequate diet, then let nature take it's course, I lost a lot of hair due to medical treatment, so I truly mean it when I say I tried just about everything, hats and scarves were the only fix for a long time, it's now growing back on it's own

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