how to install a belt on a 1998 ford escort zx2

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    Open the hood on the 1998 Ford Escort Zx2, and prop it in place with the lock rod.

    Look on the top of the black plastic fan cover for the serpentine belt routing diagram. The diagram is a medium-size sticker that is stamped to the top of the cover. Refer to the routing diagram when routing the new belt.

    Locate the self-adjusting belt tensioner on the front of the engine. The tensioner is on the front/center of the engine. The tensioner has a 3/8" drive square hole at the top of the tensioner arm. Use the square hole to rotate the entire tensioner.

    Slide the end of the 3/8" drive breaker bar into the square hole of the tensioner. Rotate the breaker bar in a clockwise motion to release the tension from the belt.

    Slide the belt out from around the tensioner pulley. Slowly release the breaker bar, and allow the tensioner to retract until it stops. Remove the breaker bar.

    Pull the belt out of all the pulleys, as well as the engine area. Hold the new belt next to the old belt to ensure the length and width of the new belt is the same as the old belt.

    Slide the new belt around the accessory pulleys, beginning with the crankshaft pulley first. Route the new belt around the other accessory pulleys, using the belt routing diagram for the routing instructions. Leave the tensioner pulley for last.

    Rotate the tensioner clockwise with the breaker bar again. Slide the new belt around the tensioner pulley. Slowly release the breaker bar, until the tensioner stops retracting against the belt. Remove the breaker bar. Inspect the new belt to ensure it is evenly under the tensioner pulley, and that it is inside of each pulley.

    Crank the 1998 Ford Escort Zx2 for about ten seconds to completely fit the new belt to the grooves of each pulley.

    Turn the engine off, and close the hood.

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