who in the bible were or was God asking, " Let us make man in our image, after our likeness:?"

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    God never said that. Some man who helped write the OT used an author's license to image what God said.

    God didnt ask anyone afterall he is the highest power if you believe in God. He sent his son Jesus to earth created in his own image .....

    Apparently he told Genesis according to the below answer. Whoever Genesis is. :)
    country bumpkin

    Genesis is the name of a Book in the Bible.

    Books of the Bible

    The Old Testament

    1 Samuel
    2 Samuel
    1 Kings
    2 Kings
    1 Chronicles
    2 Chronicles
    Song of Solomon
    The New Testament

    Acts (of the Apostles)
    1 Corinthians
    2 Corinthians
    1 Thessalonians
    2 Thessalonians
    1 Timothy
    2 Timothy
    1 Peter
    2 Peter
    1 John
    2 John
    3 John

    I know :) Still, there is no answer to who God was "asking"

    Genesis was the first of the first five books of the O T written by Moses.

    Aha! Moses wrote the OT! So God spoketh to Moses about creating man!
    Benthere my answer indicates below, I interpret God was speaking to the Trinity.

    So, He was speaking to Himself. Scratch Moses then.

    Man was not around until God created him.

    Yes,Bump is one of the reigning "founts of knowledge" on this site !

    Everyone is a fountain of knowledge here when they answer a question with a good valid answer, even you Don. Consider yourself a font or fount (though fountain is the most correct word to use). :)

    Let us know if they answer you ;)

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    Then God said, "Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground."

    Genesis 1:26 


    Thank you lovely answer x

    can i give you one to??xxx

    A X,for such a good answer,

    He was talking to his son, Jesus, and  the angels. The bible is full of testaments that heaven is full of angels singing God's praises. They come down here to earth to help us too. I've been helped by angels in life threatening situations. Sometimes angels help people to help others.

    The Urantia Book covers that subject. I found it a great read. It is on-line for free. Fascinating. Like God, there are many eventuated beings who were there in the origins of the Grand Universe. The existence of our world was planned several billion years ago.   

    It was the aliens that said that. :) we all look like Aliens from outer space, some of us more so.. LOL!   Jokes aside, In Eric Van Danikin's book ;The chariots of the gods' he writes of that verse. Who's image??Who's likeness?? Are there other likenesses out there that 'our likeness resembles that of the creator?? who is the creator?? 

    Is it possible that we are a laboratory experiment?   One forgotten test tube culture? Are we being examined? Not unlike modern scientists would experiment with creating life? We have one such experiment currently going on at Stanford university, 'The bubble'. (don't know the real name)  At any one time our little earth experiment could be ended with a flush down the drain.  Perhaps we are sitting  on a shelf somewhere and being prodded/probed and looked after.  Someday this may end and probably will.   (time is relative-what seems years to us may be minutes to them.)     Sorry to put a stone in the shoe of you religious ones but 'all things are possible.".  God is the supreme being, all things are possible under god, even aliens that possibly created us.  I am open to all doubts and criticism, also open to all possibilities and theories.  There are too many inconsistencies and unexplained writings in the bible. although I respect its teachings and humankind should follow its path laid out, just not turn off one's common sense and remember, it was written in a time that even the flashlight would seem fire from the gods. (read Ezekiel and the wheel.)   


    I am an Alien. You have no idea where I hail from.

    'Klaatu Barada Nikto'

    Apparently you've never seen the movie (s) 'The day the earth stood Still'. A classic 1950's science fiction, remade in the 90's I think.
    The words 'Klaatu Barada Nikto' was the 'stand down' command that the alien gave the giant robot.

    Me either-- I had to google it! LOL! But, that movie has a great message. Just because you have no idea what it is, this is not reason to kill it! At that time, the 50's there was so much paranoia due to the cold war, kenneth arnold's 1947 UFO sightings, Orson wells started it all with his 1938 'War of the worlds' radio scare that people automatically considered any thing they didn't understand needed to be killed.

    Genesis is an early Bible  The book of revelations.......


    But, who wrote Genesis? Apparently that is who God was talking to since they heard Him to write His words down. The question is, who was "God asking", though princefrancis many have meant, who was God speaking to. So, who wrote Genesis? If you can figure that out, then we should know who God was talking to. ;)



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    His Apostles the gospel according to Matthew , Mark Luke and John etc

    God's Apostles? From before the creation of man? Man was not created yet when he supposedly spoke the words. I did not know there were apostles before the apostles of Jesus. I might be learning something new here. Thanks! :)

    Moses wrote the book of Genesis.

    Semantics. Invented, I do not have a problem with created. I'll edit. :)

    I am so weary of the not-too-subtle ridicule and snide remarks from people who don't believe in the Bible.   

    The following content is absolutely prohibited on the forum:
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    Could the moderator(s) and member(s) who aren't cognizant of the rules please get more familiar with them.....unless the rules only apply at someone's whim or convenience.   It's real old, real stale, real ignorant behavior.

    Now, to the actual question...I wondered the very same thing and asked my pastor.  I wasn't particularly satisfied with the answer he gave me, but I do have a lot of respect for my Life Application Study Bible and the explanations that are supplied for many excerpts.  The explanation provided for Genesis 1:26 is as follows:
    "Why does God use the plural form, "Let us make human beings in our image"? One view says this is a reference to the Trinity - God the Father, Jesus Christ his Son, and the Holy Spirit - all of whom are God. Another view is that the plural wording is used to denote majesty. Kings traditionally use the plural form in speaking of themselves. From Job 33:4 and Psalm 104:30, we do know that God's Spirit was present in the Creation. From Colossians 1:16, we know that Christ, God's Son, was at work in the Creation. "


    If you have an issue with a comment please click the report abuse link and it will be addressed by an admin. There is nothing on this page that overtly makes fun of the religion. Every question about it or the bible is a valid one. Some that even Christians have trouble explaining.

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    I think my response belongs right where it is. If it's OK for people to ridicule other people's faith and beliefs with no reins or admonishments, perhaps everyone needs a little reminder about what they are, especially the ones who are supposed to be enforcing them.
    People walk on eggshells topics near and dear to select groups, but God questions are a free-for-all.
    If the rules are going to be pasted and copied for a simple "yes" or "no" question that a moderator found violated one of the rules, then a paste and copy regarding another rule/rules is appropriate. It's unfortunate they are being copied and pasted to remind a moderator to be consistent and objective.
    My answer isn't breaking any rules, but I'll edit it to supply an answer to the question.

    If the admin provided prompt responses, maybe it would be worth the time and effort to contact them when something doesn't seem right. But they seem to pick and choose what and when to respond, if at all.

    I do not feel I broke a rule. My comment of "God did not say that" is my valid belief. It is my opinion to the question. He was alone when He created the universe so who was around to hear him? Who could have written down his words if he was alone? This is not ridicule it is as I believe it to be. No one heard him say that verse.

    Pssst, God never said that. Some man who helped write the OT used an author's license to image what God said.
    Aha! Moses wrote the OT! So God spoketh to Moses about creating man!
    So, He was speaking to Himself. Scratch Moses then.

    Every one of these comments can be interpreted as flip and caustic. Don't for a minute try to pass them off as respectful. I can hear you smirking. Enough. I wrote to admin. Delete my response if that's what you need to do.

    Was just following along with the answers of those who should be more in the know than I since they follow the religion that claims God spoke these words. I still believe if He was alone at creation of the universe, no one heard them and he was speaking to no one but himself. In my opinion, whoever wrote the verse had to have imagined this is what God said as he could not have been there to hear the words. Author's license. Everyone interprets another's writings in their own way. Reader's license I guess.

    You don't accept that Moses wrote the words precisely as God gave them to him. That's OK, and it's OK to be incredulous that anyone could believe that. What's NOT OK is the subtle mocking. I'm not green here; you've been quite clear on what you believe.

    There's no proof anywhere that Moses wrote the words. Just people surmising. There's no proof that God spoke the words. I did research before I posted to the question. Without proof of anything, I go on my beliefs and answered the question according to what I believe. You have your way of viewing me. Your opinion is your own and you are allowed your opinion. But you are wrong about me, a lot. Still you are allowed your opinion.

    Where is the proof that Moses DIDN'T write God's spoken words to him? I firmly believe anyone can find darned near anything to back up what (s)he wants to believe. I'm satisfied that the Holy Bible is the Word of God, that Jesus Christ is the son of God, and the concept of the Trinity is too complex for me. I don't mock anyone for what they do(n't) believe. I do raise my eyebrows at those who pick and choose what parts they are going to believe, the people who say there is no such thing as sin, and people who think dancing is a one-way ticket to hell....but who am I to say they are wrong. My eyebrows might rise, but you won't find me casting aspersions (word stones) at any of 'em.

    Do you mean the Holy Bible or the Old Testament because the OT was the book mentioned here, not the Holy Bible (or the New Testament) as I understand the Holy Bible to be. I never mentioned Jesus. Just Moses because he was mentioned in a comment above. The Christian sites I visited to find an answer give conflicting statements on who wrote the verse mentioned in the question. You have taken all of this well beyond anything I said. Again, I saw no proof that he did write the verse so I fall to the belief that I hold true. No one was alive when God created the Universe so he had to have been talking to Himself with no one around to hear Him.

    And I fall to the belief that you are free to believe whatever you wish. For some unknown reason, you believe God created the universe. Where did you get that idea?

    He told me.

    Perhaps you should write a book.

    Not my place. I leave God to let the people know in His own time. He created a universe, I think He can write his own book without the help of mankind or woman kind as the case may be.

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