where in the bible does satan have a conversation with God

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    In Matthew 16:23 Jesus says to his disciple Peter, 'get thee behind me satan' though He was talking to Peter rather than satan. Bible scholars on the board will find other references I am sure.

    chong Li

    i meant God the father and satan himself

    OK, try Job 1;7 when God the Father questions satan. Christians believe that Jesus, god the Father and the Holy Spirit are the same thing.

    thats what i say when thiers a treacle pudding in front of me,its my waistline you see,

    in job

    Satan, a personal friend of mine, lives today and advocates the progress of  the Children of God. The Bible is a collection of rumers and oft repeated opinions that varies from true like a mythological Jewish fairy tale. Its one valid cornerstone is the declaration of one God, intended to reduce religious conflict . The supposition of discord among Celestial Devine beings is an expression of ignorance and confusion among children. Give up your antique tin drumming.


    God seems unable to reduce religious conflict or any other sort for that matter. Satan might do better so why not ask your friend?
    chong Li

    If you beleive in satan and you call him your personal friend who exists today, then that makes God and the Bible a valid and true fact book, because the existence of satan comes from the bible, if satan exists then so does God and that makes the bible a book not filled with rumors but truth. You also mention that he advocates the children of God showing that even you know that there is only one God...

    may the never ending love of Christ Jesus be on you in Jesus's name... Amen

    I am sure God’s will and way will endure eternally.
    Chong…to believe is to base an opinion on something other than the fact…To know is to have a deep and abiding awareness and trust based upon close personal experience and shared awarenesses.

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