wich team do you think will win the worldcup next year in brazil?

    just wanna know

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    Unfortunately my national team never qualified (Scotland) even if they had they wouldn't have stood a chance, I fancy Brazil, they totally dominated Spain in the confederation cup last Sunday.

    chong Li

    I'm down with Brazil too, but don't you think Spain will come back with their soaks pulled up next year after the discipline they got last Sunday???

    Spain seem to be in transition at the moment, I think next year will be too early for their up and coming youngsters.
    chong Li

    but then how do you explain their game with Tahiti? Though I'm a Brazil fan, I have a huge feeling that Spain was just sparing and identifying Brazil's weak spots... next year they will be just hitting those spots.

    Tahiti was a practise game, there are a few Spanish players on the way out and a lot of young players filling the gaps that will be left,Brazil have a good mix of youth and experience now and that will be even better next year in my opinion.
    chong Li

    thats a good and valid point, guess we just have to wait and see... best of luck to Brazil.

    hahahaha ok so you are voting by emotion, not according to team skill... Best of luck to Australia though, love the country so much...

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