In the 1960's, there was a song entitled "The Flower of our Youth are Dying"...are there any recordings of it?

    This was a song derived from a speech by President Lyndon Johnson where he referred to sending the flower of our youth to war.  I heard several times in 1965.

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    Friday 26 October 2012: The flowers of our youth still dying ....
    In Memoriam

    Corporal David O'Connor
    40 Commandos Royal Marines
    died 24 October 2012, aged 27, in Afghanistan

    Dave, friend, son, inspirational leader, all round good guy and hero, died two days ago serving our country, far from home and loved ones.
    A friend of my son's from the Wheatsheaf, Midhurst.
    RIP Dave.

    Heaven's thronged with gay and careless faces,
    New-waked from dreams of dreadful things,
    They walk in green and pleasant places
    And by the crystal water-springs
    Who dreamt of dying and the slain,
    And the fierce thirst and the strong pain.

    From The Flower of Youth
    by Katharine Tynan
    October 2012

    I do not find it easy to send the flower of our youth, our finest young men, into battle.
    News Conference (28 July 1965)



    But still they send them.
    We have now lost 40 of our finest young people to Afgahanistan.The most recent only last week.

    Do you remember a time of world peace in your lifetime? Me, neither.

    No I can't.The locations just change.It's a pity the politicians & religious zealots who start the wars don't actually fight the wars.

    It might be a good idea to send the politicians & religious zealots in to fight the wars. Both sides would send the same kind of men. If that were the case, wars just wouldn’t happen. Tommy, I said the same thing you said. It needs repeating.

    Is this the one ? >>>

    Or >>>

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