How do you describe this act?

    For example if you have a friend or whatever, you tell  that you don`t believe him or her, they get disappointed from you, but to make someone trust in you aren`t just words  needs many challenges and time to prove it. So if you don`t trust or believe in something, i think it isn`t  mistake or sin. If you don`t trust him doesn`t mean that you don`t love and need that person. I don`t want the others get lied from me. Sincerity is a good and pure thing but always must find a better way to express. Maybe my brain accept the situation but feelings are different. Sometimes to be honestly it`s hard but the lie will hurt more you and the others. I am afraid if i am being selfish. 

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    I'm lost

    Why are you lost ?

    Someone was hurt jersy didn't trust something he said. Trust takes time, proved through actions, not just words. It's not sinful to not trust someone, and doesn't mean you don't love and need him. Jersy is honest, sincere, but looks for the best way to say something. She doesn't want to lie to others. Sometimes the truth hurts, but a lie hurts more. Is this being selfish.

    (She is ESL, English is second language.)

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    I used to GIVE trust to people.  After many, many times of being deceived, hurt, and disappointed, I no longer give trust.  It must be earned. 
    Earning trust DOES take time, as you said.  It is a process where the person earning your trust is consistent and truthful.  Sometimes, no matter how much someone tries to earn your trust, there is a little voice telling you not to trust that person completely.  
    Of course, it is disappointing to someone when (s)he is not trusted. If the person has never done anything to earn your MIStrust, why aren't you trusting!  Maybe you know the person to have been a liar or cheater in some other circumstance.  If so, your doubt is well-placed.
    People who expect you to trust them just because they said so are not to be trusted.  You are not out of line to express doubts about those people. 

    The other side of the coin is, of course, not to expect people to trust YOU without proving your integrity.  Somehow, I don't think that will be a problem for you.  

    Self preservation. 

    am looking for my lost part


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