I need to know how to replace fuel filter & spark plugs on 1990 cadillac sedan deville 4.5L V8

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    The fuel filter is on the rail near the drivers door. There are nuts on either end. 

    The plugs are a pain to get to and for the most part you have to go by feel. Move the hoses and wires out of the way and pull the plug wire off the spark plug, get a socket wrench with a spark plug socket on it and remove the plug. Change the spark plug wires while you're at it. Again this is done by feel as visually you can not see a lot. Or pay the cost and have a mechanic do this for you. You might be hours at this. 


    thank you- will try it out- cant believe I got 46 views, 1 answer- and from a woman!!! yeah girl power!!! thanks for trying to explain it in simplified terms-appreciate that greatly

    I can only wish you best of luck. Wear long sleeves to get at the plugs because they are in the worse place to get to. We have very few mechanically inclined volunteers here. I am one of them. The rest of the members just pretty much hangout and answer only what they know. It's a free forum so everyone is allowed to answer only when they choose to. ;)

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