male menopause?? What age? How long does it last? Symptoms?

    I just read the average age men go through a change is 52. Is that correct? Why do males goes through this and what are the symptoms? How long does it last. I am going crazy!

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    I have heard this before, I am more than 52 and i can say I have never had these problems.. However, I did have prostate cancer, that kinda messed things up a bit but not to a point where its problematic.  As far as older men getting interested in younger women, what's so unusual about that?   This is in the genes of man, always looking for young and healthy to continue the species. It's instinct.  Morally speaking its wrong and men should adhere to the morals of the times and laws.  We are no longer living in caves and assuring population of the species is obviously not a problem today. we have enough human species.    


    What are those women doing, looking at younger men Vinny? Oh yeah... "young and healthy"! LOL!!

    Older women look for younger men not for sex! They want the younger company simply because they make them feel younger. With older men, they want the sex! Also, for the same reason women like younger men. makes them feel good. Men have over 20 mini flashes of sex per day. Women have fewer than 10.

    Thanks for all that info, Dr. Vinny. Who knew? Not, apparently, a female relative of mine who ALWAYS dates considerably younger men because...uh...they...umm...okay..."they make her feel younger". lololololololol

    Yeah, I would bet my left shoe on that- She dates younger men because they make her feel younger-- of course she is probably having sex with them, I never implied otherwise but for what other reason? Men her own age can give her sex, that's not the issue, its more of a statement. I stick by that. Then of course, you will always have the money chasers, either sex, young/old, who cares, if they are chasing the buck, its all about material things. But I will stand by my belief that older women that go after younger men, it is primarily for the feel good effect. Either way, an older man feels good about being with a younger woman too!

    It's all okay with me. People have their reasons for whom they date. If they are healthy, happy and having fun, it's all good!
    P.S. She's not a money chaser. She's loaded but no one knows that. Cute too and EVERYBODY knows that. :)

    I like younger men b/c they're more fun to be with and are better looking than men my age.And they like to travel and have fun and have more energy. The trouble is....younger men don't look at me b/c they look at women their age or younger.

    I am no longer looking but in my younger years, I found that the better looking they are the closer they are to themselves. Young and old. Male or female.

    One symptom is that older men get interested in younger women. So woman up!


    Younger men show great interest in older women... probably for the great humour, experience and knowledge that we acquire through the test of time x


    billy, you're right ! T Y for your insight

    Read here > 

    I personally do not feel it should be called menopause. The guys should get their own name to call it. It only happens if your testosterone drops and you can take a pill for that. You guys do not suffer the effect of menopause. Man up. 


    I am a woman-"my husband" is driving me crazy!

    Tell him that what he is going though is a pittance to what women face, so again I say, man up ;)

    Theirs should be called "womenopause". C'mon, you know you were expecting that. :D

    It's the same thing as a mid life crisis. Women can have it too.But for men, it starts at a certain age , like 45 or 50 and the man decides he doesn't want to be 45 or 52, or whatever the case may be. And, it begins when a man reaches his peak earning power and thinks " Is that all there is? "  His kids may be teenagers and act distant from him, except when they need the car and/or money  

     And his wife is too busy for him and he wonders if he's "still got it "  So, he goes out on the sly to find out if he's still got it. He eventually comes back to his wife, but she won't take him back unless he gets tested for STDs .


    Spot on "mycatsdad"...:)

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