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    ...and what exactly are they smoking in their peace pipes?

    I smoke and remember when I started. If I only knew then what I know now, I never would have kept up the  habit. It's expensive, too! Don't start no matter how cool it makes you look.........


    I wouldnt start smoking if you can avoid it.  I found it completely addictive horribly expensive and made me cough!! Yet I kept on.....that little cigarette had complete control over me, I would be panicky if the pack run low etc and of course I enjoyed it.  ......... it was so hard to give up with the help of patches the book by Allen Carr many attempts, finally I had to let go...........

    DON'T SMOKE !!  It can cause a h- - -    of a lot of problems !.......emphysema, lung cancer, other kinds of cancer, deaths of infants, heart problems, problems with your circulation , problems with your legs, bad teeth and gums, dry skin, poor color on face, wrinkles, dry hair, premature graying of hair.and so on . The list is endless of the damage it causes . I used to smoke, but I quit 34 years ago. I started at 14.

    Smoking is very attractive.  See.....

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