If you were to drive across the USA what car would you use?

    2 people, travelling during summer, going by car from San Francisco to NYC

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    one of thoser newer diesel volks wagons they get up to 50m.p.g.
    If you're in the US enjoy a real American car - I'd take a convertible mustang.
    It's a lot of fun and looks great in pictures.
    If you drive it carefully it's even reasonable in fuel consumption.

    I have a diesel Benz E class. I gets 43 MPG on the highway regardless of your speed, had it up to 145 for quite a while. Drove to Minnesota and back, approx. 3,000 miles and averaged 43 MPG. A word of advise if your driving that distance, make sure the car your driving is comfortable, nothing sucks more than a car that you can't drive more than 5 hours without a back ache.
    Yes we have a VW TDI{diesel} Jetta nice car. Its a wagon so you can haul a little more the the sedan. and it loves to crusie around 80 mph.Had it to 120 shortly we bought it, amazing for a little diesel.
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