i am on androgel and now my testicles are very small, will the grow again, when I get off the androgel?

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    There is concern but not much data about the long-term safety of chronic testosterone use. A recent review in the New England Journal of Medicine detailed the concerns and the lack of data on the matter. The drugs are being widely used and promoted so this is a frustrating situation. If you look at the immense amount of data and experience with hormone replacement in women and the concerns about that and controversies that persist- then the lack of any good data or consensus for testosterone use in men is at least understandable. There needs to be a big push for studies for men (HIV- and HIV+) from patients and doctors.        From 2004

    As males age, they have a decrease in their testosterone level, usually after age 50.  This may cause health problems, wasted muscle, obesity, prostate cancer, irritability, and lack of libido.  Some side effects of this medication are to have either swollen, or shrunken testicular tissue.  I do not know if it is temporary, the Dr. should have put you on this medication for a trial period, with bloodwork drawn after a month, to insure that it is helping to get the T levels where he wants them.  If that did not happen, contact the Dr. as there are other choices besides Androgen.  Some may have differing percentages of Testosterone.  Also, make sure that children and women do not come in contact with this, as it may cause hormonal problems and growth of hair, and premature maturity and puberty in children! 


    Good informative answer. Thanks!

    I am on it now for 2 years and the doctor, and he sees me every 6 months and prior to the visit, he has me do some blood work and PSA test. I told him about my small testicles and his only commend was, that is one of the side effects. Otherwise I am very happy about the androgel for I have a lot more energy and feel 20 years younger. I am 76

    androgel is androgen........a male hormone. Not safe  to fool your body into making  your testicles smaller. Could lead to more serious defects. Could even cause future off -spring to be born with defects. Learn more about the effect of it from your Dr.  What are you taking it for ?

    Speak to your doctor about this please. 

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