I need to talk to a real person!!!!

    I need someone to help address my on line account so I can at least see my itinerary and look at seats 24 hours in hopes to get our group of 8 seated some what together and the cost issue I have ask to have looked in to as well. No one seems to care once you charged my account for 8 tickets. you took my money and now won't even help me. I hope I'm wrong about this but am very frustrated at this point because of all the attempts to talk to someone that can help. I am even waiting again on your 800 number while sending this message. Please have the right party contact me. I have 2 confirmation numbers - F754816 and F755435

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    Who did you purchase the tickets through? I will need their name so I can find their contact information for you. No one here can help you. This is akaQA, a general question and answer forum. 

    We are all real people here, but we do not talk, only type on keyboards to answer questions, this is akaQA, a general question and answer forum.. 

    its easy get on skype with him and play""

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