How would you describe a protestant other than non catholic?


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    I am a Pantheist - God is everywhere manifested in everything - (but raised Anglican which is deep in my bones) I am enormously proud of Bishop Desmond Tutu and (Archdeacon) John Spong for example although that is divisive and silly but there you have it -

    Thank you for your input, Henry god bless him !!?? had six wives you are probably thinking because he was the eighth king xx

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    A  Catholic definition of a Protestant is someone who uses a contraceptive on every  conceivable occasion.


    unsure if this is joke and not a very good one at that!! or you are completely out of touch with reality.

    Both, a poor joke and I have no conception of reality. Neither apparently do the Italians and Spanish who have the lowest birthrate in Europe in spite of Catholicism.

    A Protestant tends to think of a Catholic as someone who has more than 11 children - to quote my famous Mother - they breed like rabbits

    Nom, very witty ! Hahahaha.

    I have an affiliation with your avatar name my friend, unfortunately we can't sing about you anymore unless we want to get arrested, I would call a protestant a non-F****N, I think you will know what I mean.


    Thank you Romeo
    I am afraid I havnt a clue what your on about.........
    Are you the Doctor and your time machine has landed with engine probs?? I am in the UK and if I can be of assistance then please ... allow me to......ha x

    The ones that nicked a lot of the Catholic Caththedril,


    who would that be? I know Church of England etc are Christians could you be more specific? thank you x

    The Church of England,with the help of Henry the Eighth,and company,

    I'm in the UK too Billyboy, I'm also a Glasgow Rangers fan, we have a big affiliation with protestant history.

    Romos, " a non Funk" ? or non fun ?

    Well it;s Karmic for the Anglicans because by having 8 wives, Henry kind of messed it all up and none of the rest of us are allowed to be self indulgent because he used up the quota -LOL Hugs!!!

    A Protestant is someone who does not believe in ignoring child abuse, who disapproves of stealing babies as in Spain, who believes that the Magdalen laundries in ireland were inhuman, and who thinks that financial corruption in the Vatican is not Christian.


    Wow! thank you....good answer x
    On the plus side Magdalen Laundries those poor girls,(families) have recently been awarded millions of pounds ......The nuns and priests were the cruelist sadistic power mad feared people!
    Retribution? Oh yes!!!!! Please let little Maddie not be in the hands of perverts (in my prayers)xx

    What superficial,politically-correct B.S.from an avowed Atheist. Shame.Shame.

    Digger, I dont understand what you mean please be more specific x

    If I have to choose between atheism and Catholicism, atheism wins every time.

    How about Atheism and Protestantism ?

    OK digger I'm a Protestant atheist.

    ...and the truth shall set you free!

    There are so many variations of the Protestant theme.  Originally, without looking it up, I think a Protestant was one who protested against the church of England.   This website will give you a list of over 5000 protestant denominations. 

    A few differences between Catholics and Protestants  are (1) Catholics have a number of saints to whom they pray and "confess sins" to a priest, whereas Protestants feel free to contact God directly; (2) Catholics do not have the commandment " No graven images"  (lots of statues of saints; think of the little statues of Virgin Mary riding on the dashboard of a car, for example); (3) Catholics separate the Protestant 9th commandment  into two separate commandments; and, (4) I think Catholics are a little more ritualistic (more rote, if that makes sense). 

    it's someone who  realizes he  doesn't need the popes, the papal bulls, and edicts of the catholic church in order to get to heaven.


    Nor the papal bullsh*t.

    ...and Heaven is no B.S., right Nom ?

    Yes, heaven is BS, also hell, gods, devils, angels. Abandon myth and superstition which hardens hearts and enslaves minds.

    @nom Now,THAT'S more like it.

    And Protestants allow their ministers to "be human and marry", not expect them to "pretend to be Godly".  There still may be sex offenders in all faiths, but I think the majority are Catholics! 

    A Delusional lite.

    A Catholic follows a rule book veradom. A proteststant will find other suitable rules.........


    If Henry the Eighth had 8, then I think I am not yet setting a world record - although God knows it wasn't for lack of trying - LOL!!! Hugs!!!

    A Lutheran, Baptist, Episcopalian, Methodist...


    Pray tell my dear, what are you waffling on about????
    my question seems to have caused quite a stir x

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