I want to have a flat belly. How?

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    Don't get pregnant.

    Oh, jeez. Talk about a look in the mirror. I need that belly, too. But, I am what I am and God bless anyone who notices past a certain point.........

    Get a baby Eliphant to jump up and down on your belly,


    I need a full-grown elephant.

    but you look so slim,and lithe ,itsmee??

    I been working on that for a few years now.  I think I finally figured it out. Exercise, eat less and eat better.  Suddenly since torturing myself with exercise and eating things I don't like its 'almost flat' now.  But I'm miserable, I want bread back, I want my bacon and burgers and french fries. I think I was much happier when i didn't exercise and ate what I wanted.  But now, the old women are looking me over-- That's a plus for an old guy. :)


    I understand younger men are increasingly attracted to older women.......good news.for us over 30's (cough!!)..It sounds like a win win!x

    lol lol billyboy.

    Your wife will love those young women giving you the eye. I am going to do it, Vinny. I’m going to give up my raisin bread with butter and walnuts. That’s my favorite meal, It’s not even 100% whole wheat. My Triglycerides are up and that’s kind of dangerous. I give me one year.

    I said the 'old women' are giving me the eye.. LOL! My wife says go for it, two days with you they will send you back home. But then she said, she would be gone too with a younger guy..

    ha! nice one Vinny x

    Vinny, I hope you don’t take this wrong but I really really like your wife. I think she’s smart. (Not that you aren’t smart) She just seems like the type who knows what to say and when. I never say the right thing until hours after the incident is over.

    Hard work my dear!! the usual exercise eat healthy etc,,,,,,,,,, buy a corset.... buy a dress two sizes too big..... the comments will be endless on how much weight you have lost ha! wear gorgeous earrings/necklace to avoid eye contact with your tummy!! 

    ps  You went for the gift then, I didnt mean expensive flowers a couple of lilies or similar, less is more!! classy xx




    corset, sounds old fashioned now, a panty girdle tight knickers to hold in tummy!!

    Merry Widow is what I wore under my homemade formal. Oh Ugh. It was green tafeta with yellow netting over it. It was urine colored. My mom's friend was so proud that she made that dress for me that I just had to wear it.

    I didn't spend a lot of money. However, next time I'm going to take your cue and do the classy "less is more" I would send it with an expensive card ... or if I could get creative, I'd paint the card myself. (I always say that and then I never do it ... or else I'll do it when I don't have enough time and the card doesn't turn out well. xx

    I am led to believe House work burns off the calories, which I am sure is true!...well that counts me out then ha! take care xx

    Helathy eating and excercise, easier said than done, but that's the only way.


    and crunches. Someone said eat nothing white.

    itsmee, I lost One and a half stone form last August until Christmas ( thats 21 English pounds ,I believe your pounds are a little different from ours) but i haven't beeen doing so well since, I have added about 5 pounds back on since January. I am trying again now, with alot of help from my wife, I have only a small amount of brown bread per week, less potatoes, just a little chocolate at weekends, hardly any biscuits, lots of salad and I go cycling most Sundays for about 20 miles (I really need to cycle more). So it's mailny cut down on the bad stuff and excercise as much as you feel comfortable with. Good Luck, keep us informed with your progress.

    I’m doing well, eating the right foods, exercising to the extent of my ability. THE PROBLEM: I wake up about 4 AM and have a snack. Last night I ate a graham cracker crust. (Store Made) It was soooo good and buttery. I’ve got to get rid of stuff like that in my kitchen. I didn’t even know that crust was there until I prowled around. The morning my husband found my crumbs. I felt about eight years old.

    itsmee, you will have set backs, try to get rid of the food that temps you to eat wrongly. I have been trying again lately, but we went to a 100th birthday celebration last Saturday, there was a roast dinner with yorkshire pudding ( made from batter) and for afters/pudding ( desert) we had apple pie and cream, then later in the evening suasage rolls (made by a local butcher) arrived, that wsa the diet out of the window for that day. Sun I tried to make up for it by going for a 20 mile bike ride, it must have helped. Keep at it don't give up , good luck.

    Aww c'mon Itsmee! It can't be all that bad.I had a flat belly until I was about 50.As soon as I slowed down at work my belly bones got bigger.Who cares! I still wear the same size jeans (Under the belly) & that's all I care about.LOL


    "Belly bones"? haha

    Makes for more of me to love...

    You can get rid of your belly by following this plan:-

    wake up in the morning have a glass of warm water blended with honey and cinnamon. Drink it and go for a morning walk. You can Start walking in slow pace initially. After few days improve your pace of walking. This will not only help you to get flat belly but will also improve your overall body weight.


    Dont be so sadistic,

    this works??

    pamela: It’s a start. There’s more to it but you gotta start somewhere.

    To get belly flat with proper health, people required to enhance with physical workout at first case. If workout is not found up to the mark in giving result, then people recommend to make use of any of the diet supplement, for example the Phentemine 375 pills.


    I’ll check. : )

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