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    The other night, Mom, Son #2, and I went to one of our nicer restaurants for dinner.  It was fairly crowded, not a rowdy bunch, with people of all ages enjoying the atmosphere and good food. 
    Next to our table was a party of about 12, 30-somethings and a couple oldies.  There were two gals in the group who were laughing at everything and nothing.  Not just laughing, actually; GUFFAWING might be a better word.  Loud, excessive, not-quite-real noise that got on my nerves in less than ten minutes.  
    I think one of the things that irritated me was the two girls who were so exceptionally loud compared to their companions (who were laughing, too, make no mistake) was that they were what most people would say "the least attractive" (to be nice).  
    I've noticed in more than one situation, and draw on my own pathetic past to confirm, that girls who are overweight, wear glasses, or aren't outwardly adorable tend to overcompensate for the lack of attention by calling attention to themselves by being too loud. (I am blessed with all those attributes, by the way, so am not picking on others.)

    Have you had to endure uncouth restaurant diners? Have you noticed what I noticed about who the loud ones are (not counting the really drunk ones)?  Maybe I was just being overly critical.... 

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    Too bad it took away from what should have been a memorable evening, not one to have to remember others behaving in poor taste.

    You just described me only I don't guffaw at anything. I would have stared  a hole in them until they noticed.  If that didn't work, tell the waitperson...........

    In my many years of being in the restaurant business and the entertainment business, I have noticed one thing, 'every table has a ring leader'.  This is the person that is the loudest, most aggravating to tables close by.  I can't say that physical appearance has anything to do with it though.  It is true that this person seeks attention.  In the restaurant business I learned that when you cater to this person, they will inturn win the table over for you. and once they are recognized by the waitress/management by going to the table and approaching that person first they will usually quiet down, in their mind, they won the room.  Weird how that works but its true! 

    In music, I would look for the ringleader and address them, once i put this person in the light, they are now my ally. He/she will get the room moving for me.    Never fails.   'Tricks of the trade'.

    Yeah! attention seekers..on drugs, alcohol intravenously fed to keep hands free for waving to make a point!!  etc.......I know the sort....... oops! sounds a bit like me ........

    just joking...... I was home all evening Officer!!!! ha!!

    No U R not being over sensitive.  They do get on your nerve being oblivious that others have vome to enjoy Dinner.  It might be ok to ask the waitress discreetly to give you another table.  You dont't want these guys to so spoil your day.

    better in the house with best girls

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