A decision, where to go

    I know my husband would have a quick answer to that, but I really decide on Thailand or New Zealand, I'm trying to stay within reasonable reach of Oz, but truly I want a break from  things at the moment, any ideas,? (doesn't even have to be these destinations, just not too far)

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    I hear Bali's nice at this time of the year, fancied it for a long time but too expensive from the UK.


    oh, the fat one has been there already and wants somewhere different, he's not keen on either place I'd like, could be back to the old drawing board

    Have you tried Blackpool??or Southend near sunnyB,??


    Yeah,even Edinbrough.if you had plenty of dosh,

    well that's a definite out of the question, my unexpected ill health certainly took care of most of my spare cash.....even my shoe fetish has gone out the window, I certainly didn't realize how well off I was before, not ever rolling in cash but not having to count pennies, the old saying "we don't know what we've got til it's gone" certainly rings true, I had no idea how much money I wasted until now

    ROMOS,has a couple of spare rooms going i believe,free to aKaQA Members,

    I agree Dennis, Southend or Bali, Southend wins every time. Candyfloss, toffee apples, beer, and hotdogs, what more could you want.

    Just go to the place where your heart wants you to go .

    Might be a better idea would be to choose a third place like Hong Kong.


    My heart would love Canada and Alaska, but alas, the pocket wouldn't......sigh

    How about a cruise?


    where shall we go Bob,??

    Alaska, with a couple days for fishing.

    That would be great,you would have to handle the fish though,as i can not pick them up,they are too slipperiey,

    As long as you bait the hooks. These are gonna be huge-mongous fish, you know

    yea,ok but im a little afraid of fish though,although i like them,ill bait the hook.

    Me, too; their eyes never blink and they are not much for companionship.

    A cruise sounds great, though hubby gets sea sick, wouldn't even come to dinner with me on a boat in Hobart that never left the dock!they refused to refund the money so all I could do was swap it for a crappy bus ride up Mt Wellington, no offense intended to anyone from Tasmania, the rest of the place was fantastic, my absolute dream would be Alaska and that train trip through the Rockies, but the bank account is sadly dwindling without my pay packet now,

    Have a mustard seed of faith. It will happen and be awesome

    yup, that's sounding better all the time, might just have to roll the fat one up the gangplank though,he's just had a knee op, so I finally have a chance at controlling his diet,(he can't walk for 6 weeks) keeping my fingers crossed that some healthy food for a change won't be too much of a shock to his system,Coke and Tim Tams was his substantial diet before....ugh

    Roll and Go. The sea air will do you both some good!
    You DESERVE a great time, lambshank. GO FOR IT!

    Come to the U.S.  My door is open   :-)


    I would love to, but I don't think my finances stretch that far, but if you can make pancakes I'll swim!

    How about Port Douglass NQ. It's a great time of year to go there.Nice & warm.:)


    I agree beautiful, but have been there and after several months of seemingly no end of hiccups, finally managed to get a passport, and come hell or high water I'm determined to use it (picture isn't great though, my hair is still growing back after treatment)

    OK.Try Fiji.You'll love it.

    If you decide on the UK, better come next week. Summer is coming , but you have to be quick or you will miss it.

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