are there any home recipies for wallpaper removal?

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    vinegar and warm water, sprayed on a wall that was roughed up with a scraper made of wood with nails in it protruding 1/4 of an inch drawn across the wallpaper, then sprayed with solution, followed by a putty knife to remove after sitting for about 10 min. 

    Wallpaper Removal Recipes
    There are three basic homemade recipes commonly used for wallpaper removal. The first involves mixing 1/3 cup of liquid fabric softener with 2/3 cup of hot water. Another option is to mix 1 cup of household vinegar with a full bucket of warm water. Some experts also recommend combining equal parts hot water and powdered laundry starch. Each of these will work with most wallpaper adhesives, though it may require some trial and error to see which works best for your specific application.

    Applying the Solutions
    No matter what kind of solution you use, it's best to perforate the surface of the paper before you begin. This allows the solution to soak through the paper and penetrate the glue. You can find a wallpaper-perforating tool at most hardware stores for only a few dollars. Run it gently up and down the wall to score the wallpaper while leaving the drywall intact.

    After you've scored the paper, you can apply your removal solution. Use a spray bottle to spray the solution on the paper, or use a paintbrush or roller to paint it on. Allow the mixture to soak into the glue for several minutes.

    Removing the Paper
    After the solution has soaked in, it's time to remove the paper. Use a wallpaper scraper to peel the paper away from the wall one layer at a time. If you attempt to remove multiple layers, you may end up ruining the drywall underneath.

    If you find that homemade solutions and tools simply aren't working, it may be time to look for chemical wallpaper removers. These solutions are sprayed or painted onto the paper and may be more effective than homemade mixtures. You may also consider renting a wallpaper steamer, which heats the glue and makes it easier to scrape the paper off the wall.

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