For the wedding should we give a gift certificate or a gift?

    We don’t know the people. We aren’t going to the wedding. I guess that doesn’t matter what kind of gift we give.

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    No not certificates or vouchers, a token gift will suffice!! As you are not close, something ornamental maybe?? Nice vase with real flowers in could do the trick x good luck!


    That would be expensive, I think. Florists charge! What’s expensive to you might not be expensive to me.

    I mean ... what’s not expensive to you might be very expensive to me. : ) Thank you for your response.

    I wouldn't bother if I was you, you probably know me better, you can send me a certificate if you want to....



    Sure, I’ll include it in your very post on akaqa. Hold your breath!

    Don't spend anything. I don't think it's in the rule book that you MUST send a thing. You weren't invited to the ceremony, why should you spend money? Were you invited to the reception? That would change things..............


    I think itsmee wants to send a gift because the granddaughters are in the ceremony. ???

    I think a congratulation card would be know, wishing them the bast........

    I keep reading itsmee's question, and I don't think they even need send a card anymore. The kids are part of the wedding party, that's all. My son was part of a quinceanera "court" several years ago. My parents didn't send a gift to the birthday girl.

    My husband and I were invited to the wedding ceremony and the reception. We didn’t attend because the festivities were six hours away. (That’s not good for my back)

    P.S. The groom was a part of our family. Distant ... but still ...

    Not your problem with the granddaughters.  I agree that a card is sufficient for people you don't really know. The Dollar Store has just what you need. Have the kids come by on the way to (or from) the event.


    The groom is a distant part of our family. I’ve learned the hard way that anything that has to do with family has to be taken care of properly whether you really want to or not.
    The wedding was 5-6 hours away. My back would not enjoy the ride.
    I need to word my questions carefully so people can understand me.

    Since you WERE invited, I would purchase one of the smaller items in the gift registry and ask it be shipped to them, with a nice card with some handwritten well wishes.

    If you do not know them and you are not going, just send a congrats card on their wedding. I wouldn't even bother with a gift or anything. The card is sufficient. 


    I wouldn’t be all het up over this situation except for three things. My three grandaughters are going to be flower girls in pink-tinged ivory. The family is busy having their nails, their toes, their hair done up all fancy. Of course there’s the dress and the alterations. And worst of all the three year old has now declared that she will not walk down the aisle or even ATTEND the wedding.
    omg, the least i can do is wrap right.
    If if was a different situation, I would do exactly what you said.
    I’m not even involved in this wedding thing and just look at me. Eeeeeek! LOL?

    Hmm, I still wouldn't give more than a card. But I know your family has a way of guilting you into things. I just hope you did not spend too much.

    iF you don't know the people and are not invited where does the question of gift arise. No invite, No gift.  They aren't expecting either, so don't fret over it.


    It seems logical to me...

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