does it hurt to dump coffee grounds down the kitchen sink

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    This is a great question and will probably save a few people drain problems. Thankyou, Jeromeo. (I hope I commented in the right place.

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    A plumber says this.....

    I had a girlfriend tell me that dumping coffee grounds down the sink was good for it.  I've been doing it for 3 years and all's the better .....


    Actually, so have I. However, I pictured a terrible sink over flow if someone else did it. And then the plumber would come with all those dreadful tool and then the bill for $175.00. I think now it’s ok. Thanks julie.

    Some of my house plants Thrive on coffee. My flowering cactus adores coffee in the spring. I use it in my gardens and like I said, some like it and respond well. But none take it hot, right out the pot so if it’s weeds, scalding hot coffee, tea or water gets them headed in the right direction. I have no facts on sewer rats and coffee or the bacterial lifeforms and coffee. So drink up and lets see if the EPA is concerned enough to grant some money for a study.Thank you curious person.


    I was going to post something similar. Coffee grounds are great for gardens.

    Do you use the coffee grounds before , or after you've been drinking it ?
    Also, I've heard that plants thrive on Hydrogen Peroxide or soda water. Doesn't sound too plant healthy to me.

    The used grounds. Put them around the base of your bushes, lilacs, and in your flower bed.

    I have heard that it is good to dump coffee grounds down the drain every now and then.


    Check out the site on webcrawler There are several things about coffee grounds on there or just google coffee grounds down the drain.

    I've heard of doing that, but you're not supposed to dump anything down the drain, except thin liquids.Or, you'll clog up the drain. Now, if you're talking about a garbage disposal, you can dump coffee grounds down there, but not dandelions like my sister-in -law did, and not corn husks, like my freind's freind did. Garbage disposals take a lot of abuse. When we first moved into an apartment, the maintainence man found that someone had put little pieces of concrete and paint chips down the disposal. What's wrong with the garbage can.?  Toilets take  alot of abuse too. People think they are wood chippers, or garbage disposals.

    They are said to deter slugs so sprinkle them around plants like hostas which slugs and snails love. Otherwise put them on the compost heap.

    From one of several thousand resources on the subject:

    Subject: RE: Coffee Grounds Down the Drain.

    1). If you do, a little at a time with plenty of water.

    2). Wasting of water would be the concern here if you conserve it, or are paying for water usage (being out in the "country" I have a well, so this doesn't affect me, but the coffee grounds would affect my septic).


    Love the taste of well water. My dad said it made the coffee taste better.My late husb didn't want to live out in the country, but I wanted to ---but near enough to the city so we could go into town to a show or So, here I am in town b/c he wanted to live in town :-\

    I feel your pain. Here I am in Fresno because I married a guy who wanted to move.

    I know people who get used coffee grounds by the 5 gal. bucket from Dunkin Donuts for their gardens and compost bins.  If you ask them they will save them for you to pick up on a regular basis, but you must follow through and take them.  Earthworms love them, and in turn their castings benefit your soil and plants. 

    I don’t know if coffee is safe. 

    I do know to not put rice down the disposal.


    The voice of experience! :D

    I wouldnt advise it, you will get blocked drains somewhere along the line!!

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