How do I communicate to my husband when I am not feeling well in a nice way and still make him feel loved and wanted?

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    If you communicate well when you are feeling well, it shouldn't be an issue when you aren't feeling well.  Perhaps your husband needs to think more about YOUR needs when you aren't feeling well.  
    Does he pester you or accuse you of not loving him if you aren't performing up to your general standards? 

    How do you communicate? Easy. You explain that you aren't feeling well and if my mood is a little low today tell him not to take it personally.

    lots of hugs and cuddles, specially when he is not expecting them. Hands on affection without  encouraging more....... until your ready, but keep him in the loop so he knows what is going on!

    Let him understand your your feelings and hw u feel. its your husband,explain in a manner and gesture that will make him to understand.

    aiabelieve he will listen to you.

    Good Luck

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