grand master key card lost ilco unican

    One of our maintenance staff was let go & we have now discovered that our Grand Master key card have been taken..

    What is the way to make a new one???

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    Contact whoever is in charge of your security system. This is akaQA, a worldwide general question and answer forum. We have no idea who you are or who your company is or who installed the system that requires a master key. How do I know that you are not one of the employees looking for a way to get a master key for yourself? Besides, you do not just have a replacement grand master key made up. You change all locks and have a brand new master key made. This makes the old one useless.

    Eddie "P"

    Thanks, I do understand that I need to make a reset key & go to all 115 room and reset - then front dest unit - then new Master, Batt test, inialize & program keys my q was what happens to the guest keys in use right now - what about the housekeepers that are using keys as I am going around resetting...

    That was my question?????

    If you don't know who I am... Don't know if I am trying to get a hold of a master --- why answer with a question of who I am...

    I will remove the question so you guys don't have to (I don't know) answer a question with a question..

    My advice to you is just say call Kaba support...
    for someone else who asks...
    Their # is 1 (800) 906-4526 Tech support
    1 (630) 982 0970 Fax
    1 (877) 468-3555 to order

    And you to can sit on hold for 45 min then get dumped and do it again and do it again..
    I know how to get my question answered I just reached out to see if I could get it faster from one of you..
    Bad mistake that I will not do again...
    But thanks for answering with a question for me...

    Really? This is a free general question and answer forum. I hope you are not the business owner. This is no way to inquire about the security of what sounds like an office building or hotel. Why would you think that a volunteer sitting in their home answering random general questions on a free forum could help you with something like this?

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