Time to implement tougher laws for fertilizer plants in the USA?

    What's going on at these plants?

    This makes 3 this year alone. 

    UNION MILLS, Ind. (AP) — An explosion at a fertilizer plant in northwest Indiana has killed one person.

    The LaPorte County Sheriff's Department confirmed that one person was killed in an explosion in Union Mills.

    Sheriff's Deputy Neil Lachmund says all other people are accounted for after the explosion Monday afternoon at the Union Mills Co-op. It's about 50 miles southeast of Chicago. Lachmund says two other people are being checked for injuries.

    The blast follows one less than two weeks ago at a chemical plant in Louisiana that makes fertilizer. That blast killed one worker and injured seven others.

    An April 17 fertilizer plant blast in West, Texas, killed 15 people. (and demolished an entire town).

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    Did you ever notice how the media works?? If you hear of a plane crash, you'll hear of another one until something better comes along, gas mains blow up, all of a sudden there's gas mains blowing  up everywhere.  Someone found a finger in their french fries, all of a sudden you hear of all kinds of stuff in french fries.  The media is like a bunch of ants, drop a morsel, they all come, when that morsel is gone, they follow each other to another source.  

    Right now, there's a frenzy of shootings. people are buying shootings, it makes the ratings go up.  At one time we only heard of a few shootings, and they had to have special circumstances to make it to primetime news, now they report on ALL shootings, we have 5 to 6 per night in the Oakland/San Francisco area.. yet, they claim violence is down. Which tells me that there's always been 5 or 6 per night, we never heard about them because at the time, it wasn't big news. It's now about guns.  also, speaking of guns, did you notice all the attention to the AR-15??  Even if it was a murder w/ a pistol, they call it an AR-15--  I hate the media! as for fertilizer plants,  I wouldn't be surprised this too is a feeding frenzy for the media, its big news because bombs can be made from fertilizer.  People want to hear about this!  I remember years ago the frenzy was fireworks factories, they were blowing up all over the place-- We still have fireworks factories here in the USA (believe it or not)  But they don't blow up anymore. (?)  I think they do but its not of importance anymore.


    Well you know as far as the shootings go, the media is playing into the hands of the anti-gun people and Obama's agenda about guns. To them, everything is a semi-automatic weapon. Apparently they do not understand semi-automatic. More and more ant-gun people are switching sides however now that they realize these "new gun laws" are not stopping the criminals and in many cases, crime is rising in states with the toughest gun laws. It's happening here in CT so our local news has stopped reporting so much on gun shootings because it makes the Governor's gun bill look bad. We should see the media abandon gun crime soon. As for the explosions at these fertilizer plants, I still think 3 in 2 months is a lot. Seems no one is enforcing safety regulations. As for fireworks factories, I think they were given tougher laws to follow.

    there was a huge gas leak explosion here in my little town that killed two of the 3 employees. The owner was badly burned.It was a long time family owned furniture store :-( The explosion could be felt miles away.
    There was another one before that on the south border of my town about 5 yrs. ago. It resulted in white fall-out on many citizens trees, bushes, plants,flowers.

    Cat, I think it was in 2010, a town about 35 miles north of me blew up-- I felt the rumble, thought it was an earthquake. We thought at first -news reports that the whole town blew up, turned out to be a whole neighborhood.,0,4354508.htmlstory

    Sad thing is, for moths after this and even now, there's all kinds of media coverage on gas mains leaking - Attention to mainline pipes are under scrutiny. Still to this day, people are filing claims against the power company. PG&E (insurance) basically needs to rebuild the entire neighborhood-- Up goes our utility bills. It's still a mess there.

    It's population control . And Timothy McVeigh used manure/ fertilizer to blow up the Oklahoma Federal building.

    And all those oil spills are sabotage. Did you ever hear of a milk truck spill,or a grain boat spill ? or a boat carrying iron ore have a spill ?

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