what is the subject matter of civics and ethics?

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    From 'wordpad' >>> Civic is a word derived from the Latin Word “civi – tates”. It means citizen or of citizen. Many authorities in many ways have defined the concept. Civic is defined as a branch of social science that studies the rights and duties of citizens. Others define it as a science that studies the theory and practice of free and open democratic society. Still others define it as a science that studies international socio-economic and political conditions. Other people again define it as a science that studies the purpose of government, the nature of the law, and the way private behavior affects the public order and the political system. Finally, others define it as the intensive study and understanding of political institutions such as law making institutions, executive bodies, political parties, etc.

    In general civic study the rights and responsibilities of citizens. Civic education, therefore, is education for developing responsible ways of thinking, believing and acting. It helps you how to deal with differences through tolerance, respect and mutual understanding. It is a tool for good citizenship, community service and personal responsibility. Civic education is an important component of your over all life. As you learn more about it, you will like it even better.

    AND THIS>>> 

    Civics and Ethics is an interdisciplinary subject. An interdisciplinary subject is a subject that borrows its contents and methods from different fields of studies. Therefore, Civic and Ethical Studies is based upon the principles, findings and theories of various disciplines. Some of these disciplines are Political Science, Philosophy, Sociology, Law, History, Geography, Economics and others.

    As Civic and Ethics studies the right or wrong, the bad or good, injustice or fairness, we can say that it is related with Philosophy. The subject also studies the cultures, values and norms of people in a given society. Thus, it is related with sociology. Civics also studies constitutions, the rights and duties of citizens. Thus, it is related with law. As Civics studies state structures and nature of governments, we say it is related with Political Science. As it also studies human experience at different times, in relation with the growth and development of governments and systems, it is related with History.

    In addition, the discipline also draws its sources from international documents such as United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and other similar international conventions, constitutions, decisions and enactments of legal bodies. Moreover, positive values, harmless traditions, cultures and the likes are among the societal sources of Civic and Ethical studies.

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    civic as in duties of a citizen whereas ethics is doing the right thing, Stealing is unethical just as dishonesty. Opposite is ethical.

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