can you add games? including minecraft?

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    We do not add games. We answer questions. Now if YOU want to add games, this depends on what you want to add games to.

    In the “game” we play here we answer and/or pose questions and answers to someone else’s questions and answers…which becomes increasingly confusing, off-beat and comical, the more we hammer the subject matter to pulp fiction. For our valiant efforts to answer and ask arousing questions we get karmic points which lets you know where you are amid the droves of on-lookers. TDs will end your status and is to be avoided along with using gutter-speak to impress someone with your mastery of four letter words. So find a question you know the answer to and see if your answer works like magic. Also, going on an internet-wide search for answers  to questions and providing us with your references in answering is welcome. Do that for a while here and you will be a winner too.

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