Do You Think The US Can Cut Oil Imports By 1/3 In 14 Years?

    To accomplish this goal the President spoke of a variety of programs, that included biofuels, natural gas, electric cars, wind and solar power, and more fuel efficient cars and trucks.Do you think the US can cut oil imports by 1/3 in 14 years?

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    The American oil and gas companies, holds tens of millions of acres of leases where it's not producing a drop, sitting on supplies of American energy just waiting to be tapped.

    One of the reasons the U.S. hasn't tapped into much of it's oil is in case of World War III. They want to have several years of oil in case of war. Another is the green movement, and still another is if we use the oil from other countries,(especially when it was cheap) we will reduce the amount of oil they have to make war.

    It was a strategic decision to buy up the worlds supply of oil while ours remains waiting for wartime. Of course that's when oil was cheap, now we are stuck with our pants down. The greed of OPEC has gotten out of control, and the oil companies are raking in record profits to insure they retain their monopoly on future sources of energy. That's why you see Chevron's commercials saying that they dumped millions into green energy research for tomorrows needs. They are inflating the prices today to retain a grip on tomorrow.

    Yes we could do it in a matter of a few years if Washington could get their heads out of u know where.

    NO No and No we can't we wo'nt

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