Taking a Poll. Please take it , What is the 10 most irritating thing your partner does? Please tell me weather you are a man or woman.

    I'll start to give an example

    I'm a woman ,

    10= tells the same stories about his past over and over again.

    9=   exaggerates time  ( you were gone 2 hours when its been 1 hour)

    8= tells me everything I didn't do or did wrong; leave the light on etc. but when you do the same to him he blows a gasket.

    7=He gets so bent over the simplest things and then says things like "Oh of course, cant anything go my way fir once) Everything is against him.

    6= He doesn't let people do things and  then complains about having to do EVERYTHING!

    5=He avoids any confrontation with everyone except me .and then could care  less how hurtfull his word are.

    4= He's a habitual liar

    3= He tries to tell me what to do in front of people like I'm a little kid.  Like "get over here "

    2= he embarrasses me in public because he's always in a hurry, and he's always saying "come on come on" but its his little comments and fits that get me.

    1= He gets very mad over everything. When he cant find something he will accuse me of loosing it.

    And throw a big fit . When its found Usually by me he doesn't even say he's sorry.

    So that's my messed up relationship. and writing it down gave me a whole new perspective.

    I don't back down, or cower, or become the timid girlfriend In fact the harder I'm pushed the more rebellious I become. It seems to be a balance lol . I was honest and would like the same from everyone else it for a paper I'm writing .

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    Wow so many opinions and only a few partial answers. I guess I should explain to the self righteous and judgmental that this poll was for a paper being written (and not even my paper). If you , it says I'll start to give an example . Maybe I should have reworded it to say here's an example. It was comprised from three people 2 females and a male.

    I wouldn't air my dirty laundry over the internet because a list like this would only make me look like an idiot for sticking around. I agreed to do it because it struck my interest to see what people would have on their list. How many men said the same things and how many women said the same thing. It wasn't a jab at my guy.

    It's just a poll my friend needed to gather information on. .Take deep breaths its gonna be alright.

    I just didn't think I needed to go into that much detail but Thanks anyway.


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    Although I stated it already , it is not my relationship that is like this , but I will admit years ago when I was 21 I was in a relationship just like that. And of course it didn't start that way but before I knew it was. I want to say to those that jumped quick to tell me not look at the faults and consentrate on the good DID YOU BUMP YOUR HEAD? No one should ever ever tolerate being treated like that ever!!

    Never ever should anyone stand for their partner making them feel that way in public or behind closed doors. There is never a reason to say hurtful things to he one you are suppose love but yet suck up to everyone else that treats you like crap. If you think that forgetting about the way someone continuously hurts your feelings and treats you like they are your Daddy or your boss , then you need some self esteem classes.Would you want your mother , daughter or sister treated that way? Yes people fight, yes no ones perfect but No one needs to be some ones door mat. And Bob/PKB you're right The lying is a number 1 reason to get out. I did just that in a very short time . I stayed longer than I should but there was a kid involved and money was an issue. But I saved and left as soon as I could.


    Bob/PKB ...and NEVER put yourself in a position of being dependent or beholden to ANYONE again. I believe you can take care of yourself without compromising yourself.


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    most defenatly one mistake that I wouldn't repeat again

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    10? You are kidding, right? What's the point of even being together with a list of 10 and probably more.  My roommate  has faults but I try to look past them as he does mine........


    I'd say that couple has issues.

    read her update

    I like your comment, Julie.

    Wow....I won't really be answering your question, just commenting. If a person can find that many faults with his/her partner and worse still, write it all out on a public forum, I'd guess that negativity has probably become a daily habit. Look for something good instead!         :(


    Absolutely!! If you can think of 10 things then probably he shouldn't be your patner.

    Yeah Tommy. Don't you think 6 or 7 would be enough? lol

    Good to remember. Thanks, Ducky. x

    I can't think of 10 things , BUT leaving the Toilet seat up is #1 You should be thinking of his good traits --Otherwise I think this man is not your long time mate! I see many issues in your post!  You might want to check other guys who might be more to your liking!


    Oh Gord! here's that toilet seat again! Winge,winge winge.

    It hurts when it falls down on your plonker,

    Yes, it could be a problem for midgets.

    why don't they make electric toilet seats with sensors that put it up or down ?

    -- I would LOVE to hear his side of the story and the 10 things that irritate him about you.   Nobody is perfect. 


    If I didn’t have a pain in my neck, I might try that, Vinny.

    Really?? Are you Desert Princess's husband?? LOL!!

    Maybe ... maybe not ... : D

    HA!! You need to check your privates to see what category you belong in-- But then again, seems that plumbing fixtures are not necessarily matched today to mate up for proper operation. LOL!

    vinny, have you been drinking ?

    Not me!! I don't drink. I curse a lot though, does that count????

    When I get dressed for the day, my dear husband peeks around the corner and whispers “Good morning, girls”  It used to make me mad and now I laugh, laugh, and laugh some more.

    That answer should could for ten. You think?


    I think I like you're old man.With his sense of humour he sounds like my kinda guy.LOL

    Indeed. LOL!

    Well, Tommy ...Now I'm thinking about you two. He might get jealous and yank off your rooguard. (spelling) LOL

    What's a rooguard ?---- a kangaroo's jockstrap,or something ?

    Dunno.It's not one of our expressions.I think she means a roo bar.(Mounted on the front of your vehicle.)

    Have you ever had roo bar pie? Yum.

    I thought that was rhubarb Itsmee.LOL.
    PS I think we're having language/translation difficulties Itsmee.LOL

    Yes, but I’m trying to learn Aussie. How else will I communicate with my kids now that they live down under? :D

    From now on I will talk to you as "Strine" (Australian) as possible.It's not a difficult language.I'm told it's similar to English.

    lol yes it should thank you.

    You and your man are just what CODA was made for. CODA...‎
    Co-Dependents Anonymous, Inc. (CoDA) Meetings. To the left you should find the Meeting Menu. Walking you through finding, updating/adding or maintaining ...

    Failing to put the toilet seat back down.


    Thank you for answering ;)

    A woman should never complain about her partner's irritating little faults. She should always remember that it is those faults that prevented him from finding a better wife.


    OUCH.Good one.

    Truly, I'd rather be single than have the relationship and attitude you two have towards each other.  Ten irritating things?  
     1.  Not taking out the trash when I'm not home to do it myself.
     2.  Not giving the dog FRESH water.
     3.  Not wiping up the whiskers from the counter/sink after shaving.
     4.  Not rinsing off dishes, cups, utensils
     5.  Not wiping the stove, cleaning the burner trays after cooking.
     6.  Not telling me when opening the last roll of toilet paper, paper towels, etc. so it can be added to the shopping list.
     7.  Putting an empty, or near empty, container of milk or juice back in the refrigerator. 
     8.  Not wiping the kitchen counters, or leaving crumbs/bits of food in the sink
     9.  Failure to flush
    10. Not turning off the lights or TV when leaving the room.

    These things are IRRITATING, causing a minor inconvenience to me.  YOUR list could have stopped with one item: "He's a habitual liar".  Who cares what's irritating when you're dealing with THAT.



    agreed I thank you for being one of the few who answered and thanks for the honesty ;)

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