I have windows 7 on my lap top,Idid a diagnostic test to see if every thing was OK because it wouldn't start there is nothing wrong with any thing it just won't start . Please help

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    If it will not start, there can't be nothing wrong. There IS something wrong.

    Sounds like it's not booting up which is a hard drive problem. You need professional repair help. Send it out for repairs. 

    Will it start in safe mode?? You say you prformed a diagnostic test.  Where did this test come from??   If this test was performed on bootup, meaning 'bios and everything checks out ok then its windows problem. 

    Go to safe mode.. 

    go to control panel

    go to add/remove programs

    go to windows

    click uninstall  (don't worry, it wn't do this without asking more questions)

    when you click uninstall, you will see a tab 'Repair Windows'

    click this..  Hopefully this will take care of it.

    if not-- Then do a restore.

    Good luck


    HA! I did that with my PC and it toasted my hard drive. Repair was not a good thing for my computer. That's why I recommend professionals now.

    Wow! Wonder what happened?? I have done this procedure many times. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Wonder why you HD fried? Funny, I have built many computers in my time, I have never fried a HD but I have ruined them by dropping, wiring backwards (pwr) Always some dumb thing on my part. Never lost one to usage though.. Lucky i guess. I have a Xerox paper box full of HD's that I have upgraded, most of them still work and all of them have data on them. One day I am going to drill a 1/4" hole in them and throw them away. I have pulled magnets out, bad idea if you think you can use 'em of the fridge, they are powerful, I scratched the side of the fridge w/screwdriver trying to get it off. It wouldn't budge!

    I have no idea. I did exactly what I was suppose to do. Even had a friend check it that knows computer repair. It just kept sending me in a continuous loop until it eventually would not boot up anymore and all I got was the black screen of death. It's OK though. I was not using that PC a lot because it's that crap Vista operating system. I hate Vista. Still have another PC and my laptop so I'm not overly worried about the toasted PC.

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