There's an old expression: "A son is a son until he takes a wife.a daughter ...

    is a daughter for life." Thoughts?

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    It is true partly because your daughters are, part of being female, caring, nurturing, and will be there when you are older.  The sons, however, usually do not have the affinity for these traits, mostly being born male.  I know others will disagree, and think this sexist, however, it is more biological and less of being sexist. 


    I think that's absolutely true. I attended my mom for 14 years after she had a stroke. My brother sent her flowers a couple of times and he came to visit once. He was an extremely busy man. I often thought the world might explode if it wasn't for him. Bah!

    My wife and I had my mother-in-law with us for 2 yrs. On occasions we would request that her son, 64 yrs. old now, would come and stay with her so we could get a night off, or go to an appointment. It was such a hardship for him to do this, and he would fall asleep, and she would watch him! I always want to slug him, or tell him what a wasted lump of flesh he is, but my wife handles it, and just says, "thank you"... Now that she is in a nursing facility, he may visit a couple times per month, my wife goes every day, and feels guilty if she cannot make it one day! So there it is. I had a mother in a facility, and I visited more than my siblings, at 3 times per week, but we were not able to have her at our home..

    My dad was the number one man in my life-even during the times I thought I disliked him........this above statement is true.........


    my dad was a trip at times. I didn't think I loved him untill he died. And then I realized I loved him very much.

    Figures, huh?

    I think that it depends on the family members. You often see a son or daughter who is closer to the in-law than s/he is to their own family member. After marriage, the family changes for sure, especially these days when families no longer live in the same city but are often spread out in various cities or even countries.

    I hope this saying is not true with my two sons.  I have been married for 18 years to a wonderful woman that loves my parents and thinks just as much of my mother as she does her own mother.  I also think the same of her father as my own father.  In the Bible, the book of Ruth says....  Where you lodge I will lodge, your family will be my family.......    God joined 2 as 1.    

    my brother's wife rules the roost. They have to do everything her way . It's been that way since they got married in 1968. They had her parents be the God Parents for the first child, so I thought I would be the God Mother for their 2nd child, but had to be her sister and her husband.


    and when it comes to grandchildren, the wife's parents see the kids way more than the husband's parents.....b/c the mother is always the gait keeper of the family

    Our daughter lives four blocks away. Our son lives on the other side of the world. Enough said?

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