what is the best way for a 42 year old man to loose his gut?

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    Well tarzan- I'd say walk the jungle in search of Jane! She will whip you into shape! Stay off the free grape vine rides!


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    Find himself a 24 year-old girlfriend.

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    Eat less and exercise, don't drink alchohol.

    Tips here :

    Sit ups.At least 15 minutes every day.It's hard,but it works.You're just at the age when your stomach muscles need tuning up & sit ups are the way to do it.Good luck.


    Would this be the answer for a 62 year old man? 15 minutes would be too much for him I think.

    Well Itsmee,I'm 65.& I don't bother anymore.LOL.When I was 40ish I did it tho.Tell him to do it for 5 minutes & see how he feels.

    Put that cold beer down, limit your intake to iced tea w/o sugar.........

    Change your eating habits. Smaller portions, more wholesome foods, if you drink beer, cut the beer. Check to make sure you have no allergies to the coloring they put into foods. My father found out he was allergic to food coloring. It caused him to bloat and gain a "gut". Walk as much as you can whenever you can. Park further away from the entrance of a store than you normally would. Walk a slightly quickened pace than just sauntering along. Putting just a little more effort into any activity you do will help lose the excess weight. Mainly it is all about what you eat or drink. No soft drinks, not even the "diet" ones. They maybe causing you to bloat. Stay away from snacks like chips, cookies, cakes, crackers and sweets. Eat more raw veggies and fruits for snacks. Men's metabolisms run higher than women's so you should be able to lose the "gut" easy enough if you just exert yourself a little more, move around more, walk, swim or bike ride and eat the proper foods. 

    join a gym and exercise at least 3 times a week.....everyday is better. Do the abs tightening exercises, especailly. Take up swimming in the gym pool. Don't drink beer and eat a lot of ice cream.

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