Is any familiar with this young comedian and his quirky 1/2 hour show?  He really pushes the envelope, no topic is taboo, and no one is safe. 

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    I have watched him a few times, He's a bit too much for me.. But I laugh anyway because he's non-PC.  Reminds me more of the old days when you could say what you want, ironically today we have all this PC and more hatred today than ever there was back then during non-PC times-- Because? people accepted that we can't all be the same, we really can't be equal-- A Brain surgeon is not equal to a fast food worker.  We will always have classifications. I would love to go back to the days when I was called a dago and a wop-- I knew what I was, i wasn't offended by it, I was proud of I am instructed to be offended by it. (place your own ethnicity  or religion, political belief etc)


    I agree. So many people are in "fight mode" because of their own insecurity. Some who are PC in public though, are very different when you hear them talk, behind closed doors.

    I think most people that talk PC in public change behind closed doors, think about it. 'they are instructed' to act that way. We have no choice, you can get sued for liable, accused of hate speech. I was talking to a guy yesterday, we touched on this very same thing. People will not stay in the closet forever. Soon I honestly believe there will be a class warfare, people will speak up because they're fed up. It's coming.

    It seems logical to me that if you move to another country, with different customs, religions, languages, it is up to the person "moving in", to change! It should not mean that those who were born and raised there, now have to adjust to the "new people". I sure don't get it!

    Yeah, we all wonder this. This country 'had' at one time everything - we were a free thinking country, we have lots of industry, everyone had a job and immigrants were arriving 'legally' and waving american flags, they were so glad to be here and be part of this new country that offer so much. We loved everybody and it was these same people that built this country, the immigrants- They worked, they prayed for their citzenship, not because they were going to get free stuff, just because they loved america and wanted in their heart to be called an american. God bless 'em. Today its different, we don't have the jobs because politicians sold us out to the Chinese and to india, etc. Still we have millions of illegals crossing the boarders, not because they love america, they actually hate america, they rather fly their own flag and ours upsidedown. There's not many jobs, and most don't want to work and the once that do get paid under the table so they don't pay 'any' taxes. They use our roads, our parks, all our resources they can get their hands on-- they have millions of babies and they get more free stuff. The violence on the streets with illegals, killings, robberies, drugs etc. We have a serious problem! (not all illegals are bad-But they are still illegal) My take is, you are welcome to America, you have the same chance that our ancestors had to become an american, America wasn't given to them, they worked for America-- You should work for America too and not free stuff. Why do I have to give up 'any' of my paycheck to support those that hate us and destroy our land and take what jobs we have to offer? WHY?? Soon Obamacare will kick in in full force, some states are pulling out leaving the load on others, some work places are laying off people so that they don't meet the Obamacare criteria and forced to pay, more people out of work. My paycheck is destined for a 60% tax hike.. G'ment 60, i get 40, then I must buy healthcare if my employeer doesn't provide it under penalty of law! They will force it, not to mention other healtcare needs and state sales tax and higher groceries, all for the illegals. This is where we are going, read up on it, even the liberal base is now realizing that they made a big mistake, the working liberals are upset-- Only the derelicts that give nothing are happy, they get medical, they get food stamps, housing, even cell phones for free. Good luck America. I knew you when...

    Canada also has problems. We have people who came here years ago, still can't make themselves understood and complain that they feel discriminated against. Well uh, start by learning how to speak English maybe? Grrrr...

    Have not seen him, or heard of him until now... 

    Never heard of him but given what I've read so far, I give the likes of him a wide berth.....  


    He is so clean cut and personable, you'd be surprised.

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