45 thousand government jobs have been lost recently. People with jobs and money keep the economy going by buying goods and services. Can this be corrected?

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    Unfortunately, those losing their government jobs aren't the ones who NEED to lose their jobs (and you know who you are). 
    I believe LESS government is a GOOD thing.  Also, it seems to me that the more computerized and modernized we become, the more we want everything RIGHT NOW, the more jobs will be lost to automation.  


    I agree, Government has gotten out of control, and something has to be done, as usual however, politics are making the cuts so people will be hurt, and then they will back off on cutting Government!

    My neighbor works seasonal IRS. She says there have been many cutbacks, with the expectation 3 people will do the work of 10. She says the jobs will be reinstated when there is enough disgruntlement from the taxpayers. She's right, of course. The IRS is just one agency that's out of control. I can't fault someone who works for these's a job..."someone" let it metastasize.

    My wife used to work for the VA Hosp. and they seem to remodel and remodel again. The services seem to get less and staff more... also, a friend worked for the Community Action and her job downsized to part time, we know that there is a greater need for their services to the public, when time passes, they will renew her position to full time..

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