Why do we relate to a car, a ship, and other stuff as a "SHE" instead of "HE" Or "IT"

    Such as Titanic, it's a "she"

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    How about this theory? Decades ago, men and only men, operated cars, ships, trains, buses, etc. and therefore were 'in control' of these machines. Similarly, decades ago, men were 'in control' of women (I know some still believe this falsehood) and therefore everything they controlled was thought of as a "SHE".




    i agree with that Ducky. and temperamental as well. :)
    Guys dont want to go tooling around on another guy.


    Not in Russian.Their ships are all he's.


    American naval ships are males as well.
    I have named one of my cars after a woman because of the beauty of the car. That was a long time ago and no it wasn't Christine. I just think that the beauty of women sometimes just catches our attention.

    It can be a similar effect with a ship, car, what ever, women are often the object of our affection. I do like Brian Hawk's answer as well.
    Because they R temper mental, LOL.
    Probably left-overs from Old English which had grammatical gender, and influences from other languages like Spanish, which still has grammatical gender.

    Regrading the ship I would dare to assume that since there were only men in the sea crew, making the ship "female" is a way to express their love & care for it.

    Ducky makes a good point, and I would only add that women keep things moving.

    Men women and boats, go together like men booze and boats,,very dangerous..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    They are all very high maintenance. 

    because they are crankey all the time just likeguess who

    the only car that i can think of that was refered to as " he" was the oscar meyer weenie mobile
    maybe cause as men were just to macho to name a vessel with a mans name.." hey joe hows you boat 'michael" running these days..or lets take "steve" to the store! that would not work at least not in my neighborhood.a womens name equates beauty and grace to our toys..

    because men went without women for so long on those sailings junkies, that they thought of women and sex all of the time,( so what else is new )  Anyway, b/c of those thoughts, that's why they called their ships, cars,  etc, a SHE 

    Cars and boats have beautiful curvaceous lines like a woman.(Most do)Also they are so admired for their beauty and colors. Men will give up their women to spend time polishing and shining the object of their affection.I have a beautiful car and motor bike so I understand the love men have for them. They are both beautiful ladies I must say!

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