If Living Is Our Control We Should Strive To Live Healthy

    It's about the choices we have made, are making now and will make every day.

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    good question Pamela lol

    Thanks, Mel!

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    Healthy eating can increase blood flow, decrease risk of cancer and heart disease, and keep your bones and body moving.

    Absolutly, you can tell when you exerize and eat healthy your body is in tone you feel better so it must be right .             I just watched the video on the beautiful truth on you tube wow what can I say is  was very intriging and it really makes you think that a lot of people are wrong and they are right thank you Pamela for that


    The beautiful truth is a very enlightening documentary. I am glad you watch it and enjoyed it. lol!

    thanks again for introducing me to it :-)

    I do not know what is healthy when all our food has been altered. To really eat healthy we need to buy foods locally.


    Pam I saw the Video. I researched everthing that is on the Video long ago. I have come to the conclusion that everything we buy in a supermarket has been chemically altered. There is a whole list more. I buy mostly locally grown Vegetables and Fruit and no processed food.I could go on and on. No wonder people have more diseases than ever.

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