What caused me to wake tonight in the middle of a fire fight at this fight? i didn't know anyone there, but in my nightmare, I was ther1e

    I don't have nightmares, I am upset about tonight, I was just a mom, at home at Eglin AFB when this happened. Can you help me understand who wanted me to know about how awful this battle was? Raised in Iowa, Dennis Waterman was killed in 1966, I only danced with him at the Logan Prom. So he was already gone....I am sorry to bring up bad memories, I have never dreamed about war? My dad was a Marine and survived Okaikowa.

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    Analyst most commonly agree that dreams of war mean that there is some form of conflict in your waking life whether it be internal conflict within your own mind or external conflict. There could be parts of yourself that are in conflict with each other.

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