are mermaids real

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    I've seen this documentary-  It's fake, do a search on it.  The 'creatures' were CGI, not real.  The 'shock' of the hand was CGI.

    The story behind it all is very compelling, historic information given is mostly true.  Mermaids are a myth especially the hollywood versions of the beautiful girl, half fish, half woman.

    It the past, mariners would tell 'fish stories' to try and outdo each other - this is where it all started. In Fiji, the islanders would assemble these things and sell them or trade to the sailors. Probably the one man most responsible for building the myth into modern times is P.T. Barnum,  "There's a sucker born every minute.' And the fiji mermaid proves that. 

    Here in the states, we have Ripley's museum.  I have been to most of them and the ones that I have been to all have a fiji mermaid.  Apparently, at one time they were not hard to come by. 

    (actually half monkey and half fish with their body parts sewn together at the waist)

    I do believe that there are countless creatures of the sea that we have yet to discover, strange creatures of the very deep.  We know more about the moon and mars than we do about the deep sea.

    I sincerely doubt it, but ya never know................

    I doubt it but, the ocean is after all a deep and mysterious thing.

    mermaid is not real. mermaid  is real for those who believe that is real. mermaid is just creation of our imaginations.:)

    No way

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