can i display this project by java

    By java

    Project Requirement –

    Water Supply Bill System

    1. The information needed to store in an array of object: name, address, bill number, current meter reading, past meter reading, usage, and total.

    2. Functions that need to be developed:
    a. Calculate water supply bill
    b. Add record
    c. Display all records
    d. Search – Search by name. Then, display only one record
    e. Delete – delete through bill number
    f. Edit the course information

    3. Use an array of object
    4. Your system must be user friendly. It means that if record is not found, please display an appropriate message
    5. Use a menu concept like ATM machine
    6. Element:
    a. Input Output
    b. Selection
    c. Looping
    d. Array of Object
    e. Object Oriented
    f. System must be user friendly (eg. Display message)

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    1 Answer

    Java is a program used to make other programs run. If you have java installed then it will be enabled when needed. 

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