why doesn't spanish television stations offer english close caption or subtitling?

    I love telemundo  and spanish networks on airwave tv. They have great movies, variety,  action ,drama, romance,beautiful  gorgeous latino women (that drive me absolutely crazy) . Its frustrating  since i do not know the language. I would so be a regular viewer  if i could understand what is happening.

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    Because the government of the USA wants to force you into learning the Spanish language so you can understand all the illegal immigrants they like to pamper and take care of here better than they do the legal citizens of the USA.  Maybe you should start boycotting the Spanish stations. Find some gorgeous American women to drive yourself crazy over.  


    you know i kind of thought that ,but i was trying to give this so called greatest country of ours which we live the benefit of the doubt. I was thinking more on the lines of reverse discrimination.Thank you for your reply . Telling it like it is !That drives me crazy in a woman as well.

    We are no longer allowed to say bad things about Muslims too. Even if they attack our nation or set off bombs. They can say whatever they want about us however. This great nation will be great again once we get the illegal out of office along with his criminal administration. The time is near. The people of this nation have had it.

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