Has anyone had any dealings with SLIM BODY EXTREME USA I cannot contact them by phone?

    No matter how many times I try to contact SLIM BODY EXTREME by phone 001441617680104 the answer is the same(THE NUMBER YOU DIAL HAS NOT BEEN RECOGNISED PLEASE HANG UP AND TRY AGAIN} and they have taken £55.22 from my Bank for something I did not order or want after the trial period so what can I do?

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    I've checked 3 different links for this company. None of them offer an e-mail address. They all take me to the same set of phone numbers I already gave you when I click "contact us". I hate to tell you but it appears you've been scammed. I hope you've told your bank not to approve any more payments to this company. If they can not do that, close your account and open a new one. I do not know the laws of your country concerning internet fraud. Here we can report it to the police (if they have an internet task force) or to our attorney general. I wish you luck in either contacting this company or getting your money back if the law can catch up with them. I highly doubt they would respond to an e-mail.

    I haven't even received them from this company, so not happy !!!
    Hi Colleen, I will certainly go to the bank tomorrow and ask their advice, even change my account as you say. I don't think the police will be interested though. thanks for your message. I'll let you know. ( I've not even received the damn Acai Berry capsules)

    Good luck to you! Maybe your bank has information as to who you can report internet fraud to. Let's hope they do!
    I've just ordered the trial offer too, on 28th April, I haven't received it yet, but they've taken ?54.98 out of my account. Will they take this out every month? Is there anyway I can contact them, report them etc??? I live in Surrey, U.K.

    Start by checking with your police. Find out if they know of an internet scam task force. Go to your bank and have them stop all payments to this company. If you have to, close the existing account and open a new one. It's a pain in the arse I know but I've checked into how to contact this company many times and there is no way to do it outside of the dead list of numbers I found. They are a scam!
    Thank you for your help my Bank is dealing with the problem so thank you all so much!
    I also ordered this product, after reading all the complaints, i went back in their website and read the small print and it does say that if you dont notify them , that you dont wont to continue, they will debit your account.The thing is how do we contact them..Phone..dead email address, so i just sent a reply back using the email theys ent as a receipt, but i have made sure my account has NO funds, until i can get to the bak, which happen s to be 120km away..Goodluck to all these pills work....might even return to sender on Monday
    I too had ?55.11 taken from my account but have never heard of this company. My bank had heard of them and informed me that my account was to be debited ?55.11 a month. I had to inform the bank that I had not ordered anything from this company or even heard of them. They refunded my money, froze my card and is starting a fraud investigation. Now I know ?55.11 is not major money but enough people being scammed can add up to ???. So anyone who has been scammed you will at least need to have your old card frozen and get a new number.

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