Why does my betta fish lay at the bottom of his bowl?

    When ever i walk past him, or somthing, he perks up. i think hes bored. because i did an experiment and the experiment was to play a video on my laptop in front of him. he did actually start swimming around again. should i buy him a plastic toy or plant?

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    Information here >>>

    what are the test results?

    What is the water temperature?

    Is the tank heated?

    What size tank?

    Filtered or non-filtered?

    Times of temperature change in the home is  usually when people that have had bettas start getting sick or lethargic. Maybe you shut the heating off if the weather is warming? Betta's need heat, they are indeed tropical fish. Room temp. can be 5-10 degrees warmer then tank water temp. Think about a glass of water, in the winter I have one on the nightstand because the heat makes it dry. The room is comfortable but the water is still cool. I would suspect it is a temperature issue, but if you can answer as many of the Questions as you can to give more info for a better resolution. Good Luck.


    Also look for the airation ,to be suffiscent for the volume of water,and number of fish in the tank,

    When I saw bettas in the pet store, they were in relatively small cups, and they were ALWAYS just resting on the bottom of the cup.  One sure way to get them moving is to put a small mirror up to the side of the fish's bowl so he can see himself. 
    They are very aggressive towards each other, and the fish thinks the reflection is a foe. He flares his fins and under his chin, too.  Beautiful.
    You do NOT want to just put a second male in the bowl, though, as they WILL fight and destroy each other.  The male is not very nice to the female, either. 

    its sick and is getting to see the light .sorry

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