overload of yeast in saliva is what

    candida yeast, physical exhaustion,, upset digestive system, is this an overload of yeast rather than the healthy bacteria in our saliva and digestive system- is this a familiar problem or subject 

    unbalanced yeast outweighing the natural bacteria (the yeast can be tested by saliva I believe) causing fatigue, increase in inflammation, stomach problems, cravings for sweets, mental fogginess, possibly candida yeast is the form, not positive, wondering if anyone is familiar with this or has heard about it or kind of a similar problem labeled Syndrome X, does anybody know or has even heard of these issues

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    Read here :


    extremely helpful, thanks so much for the link, I made a dr. appt. for tomorrow am, this is so radically severe with me and has been as usual, misdiagnosed more than once recently and the antibiotics probably only made it worse, now I can get tested by my endocrinologist and have an accurate answer, I think you sent it to me though - thanks bunches!!!!!

    It is called thrush


    Thanks for your help, in a way that theory would be feasible, but I have seen thrush in babies and the yeast is solely in the mouth and predominantly the tongue. This is much more involved, affecting virtually your entire being, Mayo clinic, my endocrinologist and myself see in the link that was sent to me by the other person, it completely applies, so I get an actual test run tomorrow. I sure appreciate your help though!!

    I'm glad they figured it out! Good luck and I hope they clear it up for you!

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