Dr Oz, I am giving up smoking and have found VAPEscape. I have smoked 35 yrs, hate the patches, lozenges etc - This is the first thing that works- and I WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW ABOUT THIS. As a 54 yr old I know the dangers and have had for 10 yrs but for many smokers out there - like me this makes it soooo easy to give up. You work on the same Sony Lot as my husband and am a great fan. Perhaps you can do a focus on this. Google Vapescape. from: Rachel at

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    Ok = its more than learning to drive a new handbag - You literally design your vape cig. - from what it looks like to the nicotine level, to the flavor (I chose Peach, French Toast and Vanilla is good). Then you choose the size battery (also in choice of ccolor and size).

    Who ever you are - get on it - google Vapescape in your area - its a cool site. I'm the newby here also so tell me what you think.

    Vapescape is apparently all organic Vegetable Glycerine. The disposable e-cigs from Tobacco stores are petroleum product based. scary huh.

    How funny is this - I wanted to ask Dr Oz the question re Vapescape and e-cigs - and the response is just like me - what are these- what's in them - do they work?

    One week in I am ON IT. The hardest is just after meals so that's my 3 per day right now - but my BFF is one month ahead of me and smoke PLUS Vape free. - I want to be just like him.

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    Is that one of those vapor cigarettes where supposedly just cool steam comes out and you inhale it. I wonder what's in those vapors ?

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