where is there people who show they care

    im at the point where commiting a crime to get money is better than being homeless with two young daughters ,facing shut off notices for tomorrow aep,where is help when fake friends state and gov cant help

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    There must be help out there somewhere especially if you have kids.I don't know where you live so I can't offer any pointers.I live in Australia.A couple of nights ago one of our current affairs programmes aired a story about a couple with kids living rough in the bush.before you knew it they were placed in Govt housing.So there is my suggestion.Try ringing the local TV networks & get your story out there.I am really sorry for your situation but like I said I don't know where you live.Good luck.

    Have you been to your community social services? I do not know where you live so can not direct you to them. 

    Try the Salvation Army. This organisation helps people in need.

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