Is there no club or friends of yahoo who can raise some friendly funds to help people in need try DIY activities like Backyard Liberty System in Aquaponic?

    There is this very important subject on food sedurity using BACKYARD AQUAPONICS system .  Most of thesevery important ideas are accessible to our friends in the USA and  the West.  Since most of such golden opportunities attract some $, beyond the reach of some of us in Africa/UWR Ghana , I am sure friendly people can find a way to put smiles on the faces of others. The frienship factor makes life and living a great thing to apply in solving hman and envirinmental problems. Cheers , I vote for GLOBAL FRIENDSHIP, !! A friend in need is a friend in indeed. Friendship is one of life's great virtues..

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    This is akaQA, a general question and answer forum. We are not linked to Yahoo and we are not set up to be used for charities as you can not get your own page here. You can create a page on Yahoo and invite friends to it or create a page on Facebook and invite friends to it. In both cases, when you are creating a charity page, you have to prove the funds will go to the charity. For that, you will need to adhere to the rules set up by Yahoo, Facebook or whatever other social site you may use. 

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